This piece is an edited piece from 2016.

My birthdays are usually an amazing time, as my friends make sure it isn’t a dull one for me. I have awesome friends, it’s one of the greatest blessings one can ask for. In the middle of their busy schedules, they call and text, some still remember to send gifts.

After reading their posts, I noticed some words kept recurring. Tenacious. Never gives up. Fighter. And most especially strong. These were some words my friends used in describing me while wishing me a happy birthday. Obviously, they were able to say these because of how I handled certain life situations.

Am I really always tenacious?

Do I really never give up?

Am I actually strong?

I’m likely to give a resounding NO to these questions. But then I remember, you realize how strong you are only when being strong is the only option.

I don’t know what you might be going through, and you may be feeling confused, deflated, discouraged, weak, helpless (I’m familiar with these feelings), but I’m here to tell you that You Are Stronger Than You Think.

It’s easy to feel cowed in the face of seemingly mammoth life battles. We erroneously believe there is a point where we can no longer take it anymore than we could. Interestingly, that you’re alive today shows you’re made of sterner stuff.

Yes, we’re humans, we are allowed to cry, curse, scream, throw things, and express our emotions in any way that gives us relief. And when the tears have flowed and dried, and the glass shattered and swept, we are not allowed to quit.

I’m proud of you for having come this far!

Get up and show up: You know beyond all doubts that you’re strong when you can still show up after losing a major contract the previous day.

Still Smiling: Everyone thought after that incident, surely there will be no more reason in life for you to smile again. But lo and behold, you can still smile, not a plastered one, a genuine one welling up from the inside. This shows you are strong.

Can Bare Your Emotions: It takes strength to get angry with your boss and still not resign. It takes strength to get angry with a lover and still be together. It takes strength to bare your emotions and not let it consume you.

Still Standing When All around you has fallen apart: ever experienced those panic storms? Everyone around you has become hysterical, you seem the only sane person around. That shows strength.

Can Say No: I know from experience it can be difficult to say no to your heart when your head says no. If you can resolve this heart and head conflict, then, believe me, you are strong! Do not let others determine your choice. Take your decision out of their hands and be your own boss. Saying no is always difficult at first, but with time, you’ll come to appreciate it.

Venture into the Unknown: Charting unfamiliar waters takes strength, if not for the strength of our explorers and inventors, the world would never have become a global village. The same applies when running a business or doing a new project. Never listen to those False Expressions Appearing Real. Banish the fear and just do it!

Strengthening Others: Humans by nature are so wrapped up in themselves, forgetting there are others in worse situations than theirs. You get a smile when you smile at another. So also you gain strength when you strengthen another. It takes a strong person to abandon their own burdens and try to help others.

You do not have to meet special criteria to be eligible to help others. That you survived a life storm and are willing to share your experiences with others is enough.

Balanced Independence and Dependence: There are times when you simply wanna be alone, and there are times when you want a shoulder to lean on. Being able to know the difference is strength. You are strong if you can balance these two extremes.

Knowing When the World is Wrong: Consciously or unconsciously we all try to measure ourselves using the world’s standards for a bank account, body shape, wardrobe, etc. It takes strength to know that these standards are wrong and do not reflect your true worth.

So keep smiling, keep showing up, keep disappointing those waiting for you to quit, keep being strong, my friend.

Here is my challenge for you:

Keep Going… No stopping.

Let the obstacles keep coming, break them down and remake them into ladders that will take you to your dream.

You Can.

                   You Will.

                                        You Shall.


Remember, no matter how really bad things look, You Are Stronger Than You Think.

I care about you. Feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to. I don’t promise to take away all your troubles, but I’ll give you a listening ear and keep you motivated.

Did you find this piece insightful? Then spread the love to all you know, who knows, you just might brighten someone’s day.☺

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    This is really incredible. I love the way you capture the reality one tend to follow. Thank you so much for this!

  2. Tolulope Salami says

    Thanks for the subtle reminder ma’am.☺️
    I am strong.. stronger than I think.
    God bless you. More insight and ink!💪🏾

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