Inbound marketing revolves around content and context. While context means your intended audience, content is actually what drives SEO, social media, and email selling. It is also what makes your law firm blog end up as an authority in high ranking websites. Why is this so? It’s simply because your content is one that answers the queries your audience are asking either in their minds or out loud. When your law firm blog contains content that informs and educates, your audience feels that their time reading it has been well spent. They stay glued. After all, very few law firm blogs have content that tells a story, exudes candor and credibility, uses simple words, while still remaining ultimately fascinating.

As glorious as all these sounds, actually achieving it is difficult. You have clients’ documents to review, you have that case in court, heck there is even the ever present writer’s block after a hard day at the office. On top of that, your Administrative Head just told you hiring a full time writer isn’t feasible. What’s a law firm to do? Hire a freelance content writer of course. But how does one chart these foreign waters? Will you be able to identify the ONE who can deliver thought-leadership level quality pieces? This article is intended to show you what to look for when intending to hire a freelance content writer for your law firm blog.

What to Look For

Find a writer or writing agency with familiarity in your area of practice. Trust me, you don’t just need someone who CAN write on any given topic, you want someone who has a legal background or sufficient experience writing similar content. Although, the writer won’t be stuffing your articles with legalese and industry jargon, the basic need of a legal background is nonnegotiable. Thus, an expert in a field outside law, could find it tough to accurately write in the appropriate tone or write magisterially on the given topic. Ask for live (published) samples relevant to the kind of content you’re looking for.
Also, the writer you seek to hire should be knowledgeable in how to write, with intention to convert, after all that’s why you’re maintaining the blog anyways. Your writer, while not a digital marketer, would serve you well if they can suggest creative ways for you to distribute new blog content.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Sometimes, you could have a writer with all these features and yet, it could be a bad idea to hire or just not the right fit for you. How do you identify the red flags?

The first point of reference is your communications. Occasional typographical and grammatical errors can be overlooked, but where there seems to be some in each communication, then it’s a sign to beware.

Also, how long did it take to get a response? Two hours? Two days? Two weeks? You don’t want to increase your blood pressure or get on Google’s black book all because your content writer has gone AWOL. The swiftness of reply will help you determine how responsive the writer will be.

Hiring a content writer for your law firm blog isn’t so hard after all. Just make sure there are lots of communication where you explain in details what your law firm stands for and the values you uphold.

Remember, your blog is like a conversation between you and a potential client, so you want to sound convincing and confident while not appearing salesy. If hiring for the first time, offer a probationary period before going long term. Give your freelance content writer appropriate due respect and watch them handle your law firm blog brilliantly that in turn increases your client base.

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