Education over speculation is a difficult switch that the crypto community is gradually trying to adopt. Despite the Google statistics that show that search for related words like blockchain and cryptocurrency keep increasing daily, yet few actually know what these terms mean. Well, everyone’s focus is on the dynamic price tag (speculation). Kyber Network, in partnership with Huobi is offering an educational opportunity where “world-class leaders and project founders from the Blockchain industry” will meet in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, to address pertinent issues revolving around the popular blockchain technology.

Kyber Network is a decentralized liquid exchange, popular for its “instant exchange and conversion of digital assets.” Huobi is a leading global blockchain and digital assets financial service provider. Established in 2013, Huobi has a prominent presence in Asia, although millions across 230 countries patronise their services. Their most popular product being Huobi Pro, a fast and secure exchange available in not less than 12 languages. Earlier this year, Huobi launched its own tokens, HT, which possesses numerous use cases including voting on HADAX.

Blockchain Festival Vietnam holding May 24-25, 2018, promises to be an event to remember. Here are features to look forward to:

  1. Translation of power point slides used at the event, from English to Vietnamese. Also, on-site translator will be available.
  2. Candybox airdrop for participants at the event. Typically, this involves giving out codes which are then redeemed when claimed.
  3. Free diagnostic reports for blockchain and crypto projects. These reports, valued at $200,000 will be given away for free.
  4. Professors and their students will have free tickets to attend. That’s giving upper hand to education over speculation.
  5. Event to hold in a world-class modern venue with the best events production team in Vietnam at the helm of affairs.
  6. At least 10 blockchain and crypto projects will participate in a live in-depth demo at the event.
  7. Tickets for Blockchain Festival Vietnam start from 1000 VND as lower price of 700 VND is no longer available. Ticketing options include general and VIP tickets.
  8. Hands on practical booths that offer participants first hand opportunity to learn more about the potentials of this amazing blockchain technology.
  9. Exclusive release of the
    Global Blockchain Industry Developments
    Report 1H 2018. The report will be a snapshot summary of the blockchain industry.
  10. Keynote speakers to be drawn from prominent and valuable use case blockchain projects like EOS, NEO and a host of others.


This is an event you do not wish to miss. With the duo of Kyber Network and Huobi partnering to host this event, you can be sure your expectations will be surpassed.

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