My name is Faith Obafemi. I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria and running this 20 days Bazaar (fundraising campaign) to raise the tuition fees for my Masters Program. To know more about me, what I do and my professional background, please take a look at my legal tech CV and my writing CV. This is a #VALUE4VALUE campaign. Help me increase my professional value and also get to increase yours.

I am due to resume for LLM in Law and Technology at Utrecht University in The Netherlands by September 2021. I had assumed I would have till then to raise the tuition. However, the email updates from UU on 12 May are that payment of tuition is due 15 June 2021, if they are to process my visa and resident permit. 

More details: https://www.uu.nl/en/education/welcome-to-utrecht/before-arrival/entry-visa-residence-permit/payment2

Usually, the application is first for a visa (3 months validity) and then when I get to The Netherlands, I can process the resident permit application. It appears UU is processing both at the same time or something, making payment of tuition fees mandatory. That means I have a shorter window!

More details: https://www.uu.nl/masters/en/law-and-technology-europe/tuition-fees-and-financial-support

As seen in the image above, my tuition is €16,196.00 which is about $20,000. Updating this post to include additional costs, increasing the amount needed to $35,300, which I break down below. Although the tuition is time-sensitive, other costs can come later. So far, $13,590 has been raised from mentors, friends and clients, and have $21,710 to go. This is where I need your help.

LLM Costs Breakdown (In USD)

  1. Tuition: $20,000
  2. Visa: $300
  3. Insurance: $1000
  4. Accommodation: $9000
  5. Flight: $1000
  6. Feeding: $4000

Total: $35,300


Breakdown of Funds Raised (In USD)

  1. Alison & Bob: $3,000
  2. Rebecca A: $1,000
  3. Kayode B: $500
  4. BWBC Chairwoman: $1,000
  5. Mordecai A: $400
  6. Alison: $490
  7. Cyril and Armani (Solana): $1000
  8. Del Ray: $40
  9. Tracey: $200
  10. Ghostwriting work: $2,000
  11. Obasi $200
  12. Federico A: $220
  13. Sudarshan: $230
  14. Naira Contributions: $1510
  15. Gitcoin (GTC) Airdrop: $1500
  16. Mr. Akin S: $300

Total: $13,590




How You Can Help

Over 7 different ways you can help:

  1. Book a ticket to the Visibility Roadmap Workshop. This workshop is based on the free short ebook I launched a few weeks ago. You can download the free ebook here. I got lots of positive feedback from those who read the free ebook, so this workshop would be practical and an opportunity to ask me questions live. The live workshop date is 1 July 2021. It goes for ₦5,000 or $15. Click here to learn more and make payment.
  2. Book a ticket to the LinkedIn Profile Optimization Workshop. Try Googling yourself and see what pops up. The first result is most likely your LinkedIn profile. First impression matters, not everyone gets a second chance. So, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is important. This practical workshop will show you how to optimize for career advancement and business opportunities. The live workshop date is 8 July 2021. It goes for ₦5,000 or $15. Click here to learn more and make payment.
  3. Pre-order The Write Way Course. I started my career and got to this stage mostly through writing. In this course, I’ll walk you through how to use the power of writing on your journey to your desired destination. The 5-week course date is 2-30 August 2021. It goes for ₦60,000 or $150 for the course only; and ₦100,000 or $250 for course and coaching. Click here to learn more and make payment.
  4. Book a consultation session with me to strategize on your online visibility and having a Future-Proof career. Each session is for a maximum of one hour. It goes for ₦50,000 or $130. Those who book consultation sessions, get a bonus ticket to one of the two workshops. Click here to learn more and make payment.
  5. Order for any of my services as listed here.
  6. Gift one or more of numbers 1 to 5 to someone who needs it.
  7. For corporate entities, for-profit or non-profit, you may make a grant and get any of numbers 1 to 5, which could also be gifted to your employees, volunteers, customers and followers. 
  8. Share this link with others.
  9. Do you have an extra option? Please, send me an email: f8 [at] faithobafemi.com.


Fiat and crypto are welcome! 

Naira – Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

0127359949 – Faith Obafemi


BTC: 1Gatu5Fcj3McZemWx4bPAjCg32gNnqxTYv 


USDT: 0x8a172363e9e28d467cc605ab39cd99ec58d22ff5

(ERC-20 and BSC)


ETH: 0x8a172363e9e28d467cc605ab39cd99ec58d22ff5

(ERC-20 and BSC)


Solana: 2ekxfKnvSewSnZXuhf2ViZ2WvQnZwEPYX8QqQ8nXGe2g


DAI: 0x8a172363e9e28d467cc605ab39cd99ec58d22ff5

(ERC-20 and BSC)


This post will be continually updated to show how much has been raised and how it is progressing. Thank you all for the support. 

Eternally grateful!

Last Updated: 1 June 2021.


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