Yesterday, I got to present my paper at the 10th Cambridge International Law Conference. At the moment, this is one of my top highlights of 2021. I know it is not yet December. It will probably only be topped by securing a full scholarship for my already secured admission into the LLM in Law and Technology program.

When I saw the call for papers a day to the last submission day, I had countless excuses I could have conveniently used to remain in my comfort zone. Fortunately, I took a leap of Faith and submitted my abstract. I almost missed the acceptance email as it landed in my promotions tab. Working on my paper was eye-opening and adventurous. I got to discover brand new communities working on blockchain governance.

My paper titled “Decentralized Governance: The Future of Global Cooperation?” is essentially a research into how technology could aid better global cooperation with a focus on blockchain technology. You can access the extended abstract here. My next goal would be fine-tuning the draft of the full paper and submitting it for publication.

Just as I had a good time working on my paper, I had a great time presenting it. Never mind that I was nervous. Hahaha. We were promised that they would upload the recording to the Cambridge Law Faculty website. When this happens, I would immediately update with the link.

My fellow panellists all made great presentations on Panel 13: International Organisations and Beyond: Shifts in Global Governance. I only wish it was onsite. Hopefully, physical events will be able to happen soon!

As a way of applauding me, my friend Jeremiah Ajayi did this amazing video for me. Thank you Jerry!


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